Terms of Services

Before buying any product, it is necessary to read all terms and conditions to avoid future disputes. Any buying through www.DecoreMantra.com is subject to the acceptance of all terms and conditions of the website. However, these terms of use are applicable for all users of the website such as buyers, consumers, merchants, browsers etc.

 Explanation of parties involved in these terms and conditions!

  • You, the user & the client: - Basically “You”, “Yours” & “The Client” refers to the legal person who is obtaining/accessing the website. In other words, these terms are used for the user of the website that will accept the terms and conditions of the site.
  • We, Us, & Owner: - These terms are used for the Owner of the website who makes the website and provides services. We, Us, Owner, Ours, & Our will refer to the Owner or affiliates of the Owner.
  • Parties: - Parties refer to the Owner & You who is going to accept Terms of Use of the website.

 Age Limitation

If you want to use this website or want to avail of services then your age must be at least 18 years. Your age represents that you are legal to accept these Terms of Use of the website!

About the Site

The website www.DecoreMantra.com is an online portal or store which offers items related to home decoration including, Paintings, Luxury products, Round paintings, Clocks, Wall Shelves & Plates, Mirrors etc. We have reserved the right to reject the service or to sell the products on the website at any time without any intimation!


Additionally, all the products or contents published by the website are sole and complete property of www.DecoreMantra.com. There is no third party involved in this website. After visiting the website, you are liable to accept all laws and regulations related to the website.

 Terms of Payment

You will get various methods for payment on the website. However, you can also pay online through a debit card, credit card or other payment methods. Cash on delivery is also available but delivery charges may differ according to the item. The parcel will be returned (if not satisfied) within 14 days of the date of purchase. 

 Reliability of Information

All the information or details of products available on the website are accurate, reliable and correct. We do not provide any kind of fake or wrong information to the customers. However, Website does not guarantee any product and you have to read all Terms of Use to avoid any dispute.

 For making any purchase from the website, you don’t need to provide personal information. You may provide first name, last name, country, contact number, email id, date & time. 

 Note: - Don’t worry about your details because we don’t provide these details to any third parties. We do not disclose or transfer or sell your information to other parties. Thus, all personal details are completely secure and safe on our website.

 Copyright, Trademark & Limitations

All the products available on the website are sold by appropriate Sellers. Even, every image, content, information, video or audio is prevented by copyrights and trademarks. Do not try to copy any matter or information from the website directly or directly.

 If you are using the information of the website for any purpose even without the consent of the owner, it leads to the violation of the copyrights and trademarks which is restricted. You may have to pay a fine for this activity or may have to visit the court for taking information without the permission of the owner. 

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