We respect the trust that you have provided us at DecoreMantra and let us collect, store, and manage your data in the most safest, and sensible manner. This page mainly deals with the process of what information we collect from our users, and how we store and process it for further uses. 

By continuing to visit or using our website or its affiliated services in any manner, you agree that you have accepted our policies discussed on this page. In case you don't agree to any part of it, feel free to stop using our services in any manner.

Information Collected By Us

DecoreMantra collects the necessary and required information/data, so as to improve the user experience, while they last on our site, and its affiliated services. Following is the type of personal information that we usually derive from our users:

  • Information You Provide 

The information provided by you through various modes, including text fields, registration forms, requests allowance, etc is collected by us. As a responsible company, we always inform the users of the information that they can skip or not provide, basically which aren't that necessary. The users are also free to surf us anonymously, and refrain from providing certain information, but in such a case, they will not be able to make the most out of our services. 

  • Automatic Data 

There's always a section of data or information that our system/algorithm would automatically derive from the users. For instance, cookies, identifiers, time trackers, etc are all the terms which can fall under this category. Right from which website you visit to the products you usually scroll, such data is tracked so as to provide you best and personalized results. 

  • Third Party Sources 

Being an ecommerce platform, we have ties with other sources, including courier services, transportation industries, etc. From such sources also we are bound to receive information about you, so that we can enhance the experience when it comes to aspects like delivery. 

Usage of Data

The information collected from your end is mainly and only used for improving the overall functionality of our services, as at the end of the day, it's the customers that make DecoreMantra strive in the market. Right from developing to enhancing the products/services, the data is used in the most right and sensible manner, as possible from our side. 

The personal information extracted from your end is used to fulfill your order requests, make deliveries, and convey with you important details about orders, offers, coupons, etc. 

The information is used for suggesting products, options, services, etc that appeal to the users. It's all done through figuring out the interests and preferences of the user, and then personalizing the whole user experience. 

In this growing digital world, the risks of frauds are also on high, and that's why we use your information to protect you from frauds and inspect the credit risks. 

From a legal point of view too, we may have to collect and hold certain personal information. For instance, the seller company could be contacted to pass on the delivery details, so as to cross verify the identity of the user. 

Lastly, we as a company or business also need to improve ourselves, and to make the best for the users, we can collect information like analytics, pattern recognition, etc to better the overall experience on our site or app. 

Sharing of Information

DecoreMantra ensures that the personal information of the users is only shared to the concerned parties or entities. For instance, we provide personal information to the sellers and courier services, so that they can facilitate the delivery of the orders. In no way, the information is revealed to third party sources for marketing purposes, unless there's permission from your side. 

If for any reason, the personal information as a whole or of a specific user is required by the law, then we will have to adhere to the legal guidelines as we are obliged to it. 

Holding & Securing User Information

In whatever formats possible, right from physical to electronic, we develop and maintain state of the art methods to hold and secure your data. The site, app or other online services are hosted on a highly secured server, so as to prevent unauthorised access. We try to strictly create and follow the security guidelines, as we highly value the privacy of our users. However, in case of data transmission over the Internet, there always remain slight chances of data theft, compromise, etc, which we hope you are aware of and totally understand. 

Children Information

DecoreMantra would never knowingly collect and store the information of children, or individuals, who are yet to attain the legal age of 18 years. If by chance, you are a minor or under 18, and want to continue using our services, then you will have to be under the supervision of an adult or guardian. In case you feel that we may have mistakenly or unknowingly collected data of someone under 18 years old, just feel free to contact us, and we will process the deletion request. 

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