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For home interiors, individuals choose several types of decorative accessories for the house/office. Paintings, murals, furniture, sculptures, interior designs, etc are the common but important things to adorn the dwellings. But, you can brighten up your space by adding different lighting accessories on DecoreMantra. We are the latest and India’s leading platform for decoration. In this blog, we will discuss our most popular and stunning lighting utensils. Have a look at these attractive and decorative items for your house/office:

Ceiling Lights

Now, the demand for bulbs and tube lights is decreasing gradually. The reason is that these items do not have maintained lighting adjustment. In other words, people want to add something new to their house/office. That is why; we include ceiling lights in our collection to adorn the space. Here are the examples of these lights:

  • Ceiling fan light
  • Star ceiling light
  • Pop ceiling light
  • Cove light ceiling
  • Surface ceiling light
  • Jhoomar ceiling light
  • Wall ceiling light
  • Chandelier ceiling, etc.

Floor Lamps

Most people use floor lamps to maintain the reflection of light in the room. The floor lamp is specially designed with the latest technology. You can bring normal lighting effects into the space of your room. We, from DecoreMantra, are pleasing our customers by offering floor lamps at reasonable prices. Before buying, have a look at the different types of lamps:

  • Modern floor lamp
  • Cotton shade floor lamp
  • Metal floor lamp
  • Multi-color floor lamp
  • Wooden floor lamp
  • Multi-color cotton conical designer floor lamp
  • Round cotton shade floor lamp
  • Off-white cotton shade floor lamp
  • Steel floor lamp
  • Tripod floor lamp
  • Floor lamp for reading
  • Floor lamp for living room, bedroom, and office 

Hanging Lamps 

Sometimes, people need some lamps to hang for increasing the beauty of the room. That is why; we also include different types of hanging lamps for you. However, lamps are available in different shapes, styles, and designs. Some individuals have the expectation/desire to hang the lamps. Also, it is the best way to boost the charisma and interior of the home. 

Table Lamps 

In the house, every corner is different and we need to décor each corner with distinctive decorative items. That is why; DecoreMantra involves different lamps for different places. Similarly, table lamps are available for the table. Most people use these lamps in the study room to improve their concentration level. 

Also, some individuals choose table lamps to maintain the decorum of the room. It prevents your eyes from the harmful rays of bulbs or tube lights. Here are the awesome types of lamps that are available to décor table in your room: 

  • Wooden table lamp
  • Bed lamp table
  • Table lamp light
  • Dining table lamp
  • Reading table lamp
  • Lampstand table
  • LED table lamp for study
  • Table lamp for study
  • Best table lamp for study
  • Side table lamp
  • Brass table lamp
  • Office table lamp
  • Fancy table lamp 

Wall Lights 

Now, it’s time to rock on birthday parties at home with sophisticated wall lights. Usually, these types of lights are specially designed to adorn the walls. Along with interior design, paintings, and colors, the lights for the wall will provide a great impact on your home. DecoreMantra is one of the finest and wide platforms to buy adorning items for the household. Here, you can choose: 

  • Wall light for living room
  • Wall light for bedroom
  • Wall light for office
  • Wall light for hall and others 

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We are an honorable and trusted brand for offering different types of decorative items. You only adorn the space and we will deliver your favorite product in a short period. Our official website ( is available for 24*7 hours for your assistance. Apart from these lamps, we also involve wall shelves, wall clocks, mirrors, sculptures, furniture, bean bags, wall plates, framesets, photo frames, and much more. And, your requirement is our passion!

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