5 Easiest Ways to Choose & Hang Attractive Big Paintings at Your Home/Office!

Do you love paintings? Want to decorate your house with beautiful wall art? If yes, then you must pay attention to vibrant Big Paintings. It is the reality that the desire/expectation of every person is different from the décor house. But, paintings can be the first and important choice to complete the decoration of your house. Big wall paintings are one of the most trending and attractive wall arts in the market. 

At DecoreMantra, you can find several types of decorative, popular, and gorgeous wall paintings. Here are 5 essential steps that can help you to hang these paintings at your home/office: 

1) Choose a Decorative & Stylish Theme

In the second step, you need to go with a creative and innovative theme. The theme should be according to your walls and you can choose as per your requirement. At DecoreMantra, you can get different themes such as floral, romance, animal, motivation, religion, nature, etc. In this regard:

  • Choose a theme according to the color of the walls.
  • Place the painting after adjusting lighting exposure.
  • Select the theme according to place (i.e. if you want to hang the painting in the worship hall then choose religious painting). 

2) Go with Right Art

Now, it’s time to choose the right and perfect art as per your taste. Big wall paintings are available in different designs/arts. Choosing the right art defines your personality and can amplify the look of walls. You can go with your favorite art or design like:

  • Modern design
  • Abstract design
  • Madhubani art
  • Rajasthani design
  • Warli art, etc. 

3) Choose a Suitable Color

Along with designs and themes, it is so important to choose a vigorous color for your painting. Big wall painting can cover a large area of your walls. You have to choose a different and unique color to attract the guests at home. While choosing color:

  • Make sure that the color of the wall and painting should be in contrast with each other.
  • It is important not to choose the dull color of the painting.
  • Choose a perfect color according to your interior design.
  • You can choose beautiful and vibrant colors of your painting with red, yellow, brown, white, black, and multicolor. 

4) Select a Right Shape

As big wall paintings are big then you have to choose the right shape of the art. However, placing these wall arts at the center of the walls will be a great choice. These wall arts are available at your convenience like:

  • If you have the desire to cover a large area, then you can choose a large size of the painting.
  • If you want to décor your house and want to cover a small area, then choose a small size.
  • Shapes are available for big wall paintings that are vertical, landscape, or rectangular.
  • As per the size of your wall, decide the shape/type of these wall paintings. 

5) Decide Specific Location

The first step is to decide on a specific/desired location at your home. It is important to choose the best location for enhancing the look of big wall paintings. Here are some steps for better assistance:

  • You can place these paintings in the living room, bedroom, dining room, hall, or kitchen.
  • Measure that particular area which you want to cover with a big wall painting.
  • At the office, you can choose reception, clinic, or other walls to hang these paintings.
  • Make sure to choose a noticeable area so that guests/visitors can see it.
  • Do not place the painting at the corner of your house. 


Big wall paintings are so reliable and best to amplify the interior design of your house/office. If you want to décor your home, then you can buy big wall paintings on DecoreMantra. Here, hundreds of unique and innovative designs of big wall paintings are available for decoration. By using the above 5 essential steps, you can choose the best wall painting and can hang it in the right place!

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